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Teacher Training

This program is specifically created for students who have a mockup to teach psychic information and want to explore & develop this

Trance Medium Training

The core of this training teaches you how to work out of the body at the vibration of white so that you

Spiritual Autonomy

A 1:1 program that helps you separate from your agreements in this lifetime so that you have the freedom to choose who

Astral Training 2

As you get more comfortable with the Astral realm, you can go further and deeper into your dreams, the Cosmos and its

Astral Training 1

The Astral realm is a space you go to have experiences out of the body so that you can bring those learnings

Women’s Training 2

Move beyond the female body and take a deep dive into the spiritual transcendence of female energy and women’s healing. You’ll work

Women’s Training 1

Learn the foundations of working with your female energy to see, heal and clear the programming you’ve received about being a woman