Frequently Asked Questions

We have two entry points depending on what you’re looking for. Our hero class is the year-long Clairvoyant Training. If you know you’re ready to deep dive into reading energy and get to know the broader world of intuitive abilities, that’s the place to start. It is also the prerequisite for all of our other graduate programs including Women’s Clairvoyant Training, Astral Training, Trance Medium Training, Spiritual Autonomy and the Teacher’s Training.

If you want to learn about energetic wellness and get connected to yourself in a simple, bite size format, the five-week Energy Essentials class is the place to start. It’s also the prerequisite for all the other five-week classes and workshops. (Please note that if you take the first five weeks of the Clairvoyant Training, it also fulfills the pre-req as it incorporates the Energy Essentials curriculum).

Absolutely! Our starting programs, the Energy Essentials Class or Clairvoyant Training are designed for beginners. But even if you’ve studied several other modalities, there’s going to be a world of new information because the content is so rich with so many diverse topics in the intuitive space.

First off, we believe everyone has psychic ability. It may be turned off or turned down, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Remember, ability is the key word here. A person’s intuition is something that can be developed over time and, like any skill, it takes practice. Our classes are structured to help you learn the techniques to tap into your psychic/sixth sense abilities so you can get more certainty with them and follow your own clear path.

You bet. If you’re looking for a refresher or to deepen your certainty with reading, our doors are open. We welcome intuitive students who may have taken classes or trainings in different styles or formats. Contact us to inquire about placement and/or which class or training is right for you.

Yes. Our 1-on-1 training is perfect for the busy individual whose schedule makes it difficult to commit to weekly group classes or who may prefer more personalized attention and/or a discrete setting. These private sessions are taught by director, Shannon Swallow. Please click here for more information.

Our five-week classes are taught by members of our staff, with the same teacher leading each of the five sessions. For our full-year trainings, you’ll encounter a variety of skilled and supportive Clairity School teachers. This gives you a more well-rounded approach to learning by having access to different styles and viewpoints.

We record each class and training session. While it’s always best to attend your sessions live, the recordings will be available to you as needed. Please let your teacher know if you’ll be missing class and we’ll provide you with a video link to catch up.

Our year-long training seeks to expand your intuitive abilities and can be full of wonder and fun. But this new growth also opens you up in ways that may stretch you. Because of this, we recommend that if you’re experiencing mental health issues or other major life crises, you wait to enroll until you’re feeling more mentally and emotionally stable.

For any workshop or class at the school, you can cancel at any time up until the start of the first class and secure a full refund. Once a class starts, there are no refunds given. With a year-long training, you can cancel once it starts with no future payments or penalties, but no refunds are issued for the any months already started.

You’ll receive a confirmation email that you’ve paid, along with Zoom login info for your appropriate class or training. Clairvoyant Training students will also receive a link to complete our Student Agreement (a requirement to participate in the training). Then, all you have to do is show up on the first day of class with an open mind. Please feel free to reach out at any point with questions or comments.

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