As humans, we grow up sensing things. We take in the world using our five physical senses, but we’re also super aware of the feeling of things, too…

A gut instinct. A spidey-sense. An intuition.

That’s your sixth sense. Your inner knowing, seeing, feeling, sensing self. The energy of our world that—if tuned into—can ultimately guide us and our decisions. For some people, this energy hums along untapped in the background, and for others, it’s impossible to ignore.

That’s where we come in.

Clairity School is a safe space for people
from all walks of life to explore their
intuition so they can see what’s inside
and learn to be themselves.

Creating a

We believe that intuition is a
natural ability of every person on
the planet.

Our goal is to normalize psychic
development and bring it into the
mainstream in a real, safe, and
grounded way.

It’s honestly the best training I could have ever
imagined for myself and far exceeded my expectations.
I feel like I have been searching for a school like this my
whole life and am so grateful to have found it.

Jill W.

Meet our Founder & Director
Shannon Swallow

Since 2005, Shannon has been studying, learning, growing, and teaching in the intuitive space. Having started her career in business and ultimately leading global marketing teams at startups and Fortune 500 companies, she shifted gears to connect with the deepest parts of herself—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It didn’t take long for Shannon to discover her new path and purpose. Coupling vision with insight and energy with awareness, her natural ability to make intuitive concepts easily understandable has attracted thousands of students and clients from around the world to her teachings, intuitive coaching and consulting.

At Clairity School, Shannon teaches alongside an incredible staff to help others turn on their intuitive abilities and harness the power of energy to discover what’s inside—and BE themselves.

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Shannon’s passion for making sixth sense abilities
relatable to anyone who wants to connect more deeply to
their own energy led her to found Clairity School.

Intuitive Teachers, Soulful Changemakers


As an empath and medium, Sheyla’s life changed when she found a psychic school. She learned to understand her psychic abilities and use them for the better. Today, Sheyla’s passionate about working with entrepreneurs and creatives to connect to their own psychic parts of themselves.

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Attorney turned professional clairvoyant teacher, reader & healer, Andrew marvels at how people grow when given the opportunity. He took his first energy class back in 1996 and has been working in it ever since. Andrew loves guiding students to create safe spaces for learning and healing, and his energy work teachings cover the most basic classes to the most advanced.

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Lauren has always been a truth seeker. She started her spiritual journey by learning Western Astrology and now, it’s her privilege to teach intuitive practice to others who want to regain control over their lives and find their purpose at spirit. Lauren guides students in all areas, but specializes in relationships (personal & professional) as well as helping people move forward in their own creative pursuits.

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Norina made radical changes in her life because of the growth that came from psychic readings and classes. She’s passionate about helping others discover their own potential for change—and the adventure & discovery that come with it. Norina takes great delight in seeing others at Spirit and translating the magical and mysterious into something that can find a solid footing in the physical world.

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As a practicing intuitive and empowerment guide for empaths & spiritual seekers, Zoe specializes in helping people return to the truth of who they are. Zoe knows firsthand that being psychic makes life far more interesting, imaginative, and FUN, and she is so thrilled to share this powerful work with others.

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Cody is an intuitive reader, healer, and medium who has been teaching intuitive awareness for over 30 years. He’s done tens of thousands of energy readings and taught thousands more to meditate and tap into their intuitive abilities through advanced intuitive training programs, workshops, and seminars. Today, he continues to explore, learn, and teach about what it means to be psychic.

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