Teacher Training

Open up and connect more deeply to the part of you that has your own answers so that you can gain the certainty, seniority, and resources to become a teacher in your own right. By learning how to validate students’ psychic and healing abilities and experiences, you become more capable yourself. This fun and validating journey supports your growth as a teacher, leader, and healer in the global community.

Tools and concepts include: learning how to be a Monitor for Reading & Healing clinics, working from the 7th, developing the ability of claircognizance, setting the tone for a space, learning how to teach psychic information, structuring curriculum & creating your own, clearing out students & getting your space at a teaching level, and more.

Led by Shannon, our Teacher Training runs for 18 months. It includes both one-on-one time with Shannon and the opportunity to work with other Clairity School teachers, as well as group sessions with other Teaching Assistants. As a TA, you’ll align to current classes, trainings, and labs taking place at the school.

The training is open to any student who has successfully completed the Year-Long Clairvoyant Training plus at least one year of an advanced graduate training, and who has participated in an interview with Shannon and been deemed aligned & ready for this step.

Prerequisite: Year-Long Clairvoyant Training, at least one year of an advanced graduate training, and an interview.

Cost: $7,200 (or 18 monthly payments of $400)

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Ongoing, Rolling Admission
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