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Astral Training Open House

Come learn what the Level 1 Astral Training at Clairity School is all about. We’re opening this space to talk about the

Chakra Spin Workshop

Using amusement, rhythm and psychic tools we will be clearing out the 5th chakra! With the goal of bringing joy clarity, and

Spirit Guides Bootcamp

Empower yourself with the support of spirit guides. Learn to create a clear and validating relationship with your guides with certainty and

Pro-Practice Bootcamp

Grow your clairvoyant practice, whether you're just starting or are already established. Learn how to work with new energies at a pro

Talking to Dead People Bootcamp

Connect with spirits who have passed over. This bootcamp focuses on advanced spirit communication. You will learn safe and active techniques for

Healing the Heart Workshop

This Valentine's Day give your heart the love and attention you would lavish on a soul mate. Because, in a very real

Clairvoyant Training Open House

Come learn what the year-long Clairvoyant Training at Clairity School is all about from our teachers. We’re opening this space for questions,

Intro to Energy Workshop

In this free workshop you will have an introduction into active meditation techniques used in our programs. You will learn tools on

Heart’s Desires Workshop

You came into this lifetime with your own unique desires and passions. There were energies you wanted to work with and things
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