Heart’s Desires Workshop


You came into this lifetime with your own unique desires and passions. There were energies you wanted to work with and things you wanted to create. These are your heart’s desires. Each of us has the potential to receive our hearts desires, but energy can get in the way. In this workshop you will clear stuck energy around your ability to receive and have your heart’s desires.

Tools and Concepts include: Clearing resistance getting in the way of receiving. Healing and renewing your heart’s desires. Knowing what you want and asking for what you want.

This two-hour workshop is open to any student who has completed Energy Essentials 1 (previously called Energy Essentials). Classes are held live via Zoom and students are asked to join from a quiet, indoor space, comfortably seated in a chair. (Please, no logging in from your car or the café.)

Prerequisite: Energy Essentials 1 (previously called Energy Essentials)

Thursday Evening
6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. PST
July 27th
w/Norina Enroll