Welcome to Clairity School

Hello! If you’ve stumbled upon our site, we’re guessing you’ve been curious about your own intuition. Maybe you’ve seen or heard things you can’t explain. Maybe you’ve been one of those people who has a sense about something before it even happens. Maybe you just know there’s something more out there for you and you can’t wait to start exploring it. Whatever your reason for landing here, welcome!

Clairity School was born out of the belief that everyone is intuitive. In other words, we believe that everyone has psychic senses—clairvoyance (seeing energy), claircognizance (knowing energy), clairaudience (hearing energy), clairsentience (feeling energy), etc.—already built in.

If, like us, you think about being psychic as an ability you already possess, then the logical next step is that you can learn to tap into and turn it on just like you would with any other ability. If you want to learn a language or play the guitar, or maybe even learn how to salsa dance, you’d jump into lessons and spend weeks, months, or even years of practice to get to your desired level of mastery. It’s no different with learning how to use your psychic senses consciously and with intent.

Just like any other sort of ability, how quickly you can learn to tap into and turn on your intuition depends on things like aptitude, openness, and life circumstances. You might have a natural ability in this space, but if you have strong family or cultural programming that rejects it, it’s going to be more of a challenge for you to successfully adopt it. Or if you have the openness but not as much aptitude in a certain area, it might take longer to develop your psychic skill set.

Of course being psychic is fun, magical, and mystical… But it’s also invaluable in business and in your relationships, too. Psychic ability can help you in your life in very real ways.

Imagine being able to ‘read’ why a family member is acting out or when it’s a good time to ask for a promotion at work. You could ‘know’ when it’s time to exit a relationship or create your next move. You could even ‘feel’ when a person seems off and get more information about what’s behind the shift.

The vision for Clairity School and the main reason why we’re here is to normalize these psychic abilities and make learning accessible to everyone who wants it. There’s so much misinformation out there, not to mention ALL the outdated stereotypes. It’s our goal to move past these generalizations and help people learn to tap into their innate intuition.

Our name says it all (and, no, Clairity is not a typo)… Coming from the Latin word ‘clarus,’ meaning “light, bright, and clear,” the clair in Clairity School means that our students can study and practice the various ‘clairs’ and gain some much-desired clarity about others and, more importantly, about themselves. We’re so glad you’re here and invite you to have a look around to discover how you can get more clear, more connected, and more empowered in your life.

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