The Power of a Psychic Hello

Think for a minute about your ‘hellos’—that is, the way you show up in the world. Your hello to a host at a restaurant or the barista at the coffee shop is going to be a lot different from the hello you give to a loved one or a friend, or even among different colleagues at work. Now, think about how your hellos change based on your mood or state of being: when you’re in a hurry, when you’re relaxed, you in a bad mood versus you in a good one. This simple communication says everything about you in that one moment.

Most times we don’t even have an awareness of the impact of our ‘hello.’ But it’s actually really important and can have global (yes, global!) repercussions. Remember back to a time when you received a rough hello… Someone you were dealing with was in a bad mood and they were short or maybe even mean when they said hello to you.

How did you respond? Did you get angry? (“Why are they treating me this way?! I didn’t even do anything!”) Maybe you felt guilty? (“I must have done something wrong to upset them”) Did you become sad? (“Something bad must have happened to them.”) Or maybe you even went into sympathy mode? (“I hope they’re okay. Should I ask if they need help?”)

Now, what about the opposite scenario, when someone’s hello was nice, filled with gratitude, or complimentary to you? How did it set the tone for the rest of your day?

You can think of a hello that you or anybody else puts out in the world as an energy or a vibration. Hellos filled with fear, blame, judgment, or discontent are at a lower vibration and, as a result, lower the things, people, and places around them.

On the flip side, hellos filled with love, gratitude, happiness, or wonder are at a higher vibration and, you guessed it, they lift everything around them. When there are enough of these vibrations, they can affect a business, a community, a country, and even the planet.

The Spiritual Hello

When most people are giving a hello, they’re doing it at a body-to-body level:  They see what’s in front of them and that’s what they are saying hello to. The challenge here is that most bodies are filled with some level of pain, punishment, and invalidation alongside the good stuff, which means that when you’re giving or receiving that hello, it can get filtered through this negative energy.

A spirit-to-spirit hello (aka a spiritual hello) says hi to the highest aspect or vibration of someone. In other words, the part of them that can be seen, heard, and felt. When you send a spirit-to-spirit hello, you’re saying “I see the real you.” It can change how you communicate with others and it can also change the way you communicate with yourself.

Imagine if you tell a friend, someone who cares about you, that you got fired from your job.  You feel awful in that moment and your self-worth is in tatters. Now what if they said “Oh, I’m so sorry, what did you do to get yourself fired?” In that moment, they are matching to your lowest vibration; they are assuming you did something wrong, maybe like everyone else.

If they were giving you a spiritual hello, it would sound like this: “I know you were looking for a change in life; I bet you called this in to take a step.”  That is your friend seeing you for who you really are.  That you are the creator of your life.

In our Clairvoyant Training, we teach our students how to give and get a spiritual hello and it’s one of the core components of giving an effective intuitive reading. When you learn how to send and receive a hello this way, you can change the way you show up in the world and ultimately change every moment of your day.

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