Clairvoyant Mastery Workshop


On your Clairvoyant journey, there are endless things to look at once you can read. Getting your certainty, seniority and space with your abilities is already a huge leap. But there’s so much more. This workshop will both heighten your awareness and abilities with new aspects of your psychic self.

Tools and concepts include: Learning new advanced graduate level tools that will level up your ability to read energy, out-of-body work focusing on connecting mind-body-spirit in a new way, taking steps in your own autonomy.

This 90-minute workshop is offered by Andrew and is open to any student who has previously completed the year-long Clairvoyant Training, plus an additional six-month graduate training.

Classes are held live via Zoom and students are asked to join from a quiet, indoor space, comfortably seated in a chair. (Please, no logging in from your car or the café.)

Prerequisite: Clairvoyant Training Level 2 completion

Class session details

Date/Time TBD