Learn how to safely activate your divine Kundalini energy (or ‘inner fire’) and use it as a powerful healing tool in your life to deepen your connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Tools and concepts include: using energy awareness and meditation tools to simplify and demystify Kundalini, turning your Kundalini on and off, clearing and using Kundalini channels, working with Kundalini vibrations, using Kundalini to heal your physical, emotional & spiritual bodies, and more.

This 90-minute online class is offered once a year. It is open to any student who has previously completed Energy Essentials Level 1.

Classes are held live via Zoom and students are asked to join from a quiet, indoor space, comfortably seated in a chair. (Please, no logging in from your car or the café!)

Prerequisite: Energy Essentials 1

Class session details

Time & Date TBD