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Clairvoyant Training Open House

Come learn what the year-long Clairvoyant Training at Clairity School is all about from our teachers. We’re opening this space for questions,

Intro to Energy Workshop

In this free workshop you will have an introduction into active meditation techniques used in our programs. You will learn tools on

Heart’s Desires Workshop

You came into this lifetime with your own unique desires and passions. There were energies you wanted to work with and things

Clairvoyant Mastery Workshop

Raise your clairvoyant abilities by clearing limiting energies, and practice both greater focus and more expansive perspective. Find a new level of

Global Healing Workshop

Bring healing to the planet by learning how to raise its vibration through targeted energy work. In this specific workshop, we’ll focus

Relationship Workshop

This workshop will focus on healing your relationship space – with yourself and others. You’ll learn how to shift energy from resistance

Chakra Spin Workshop

Music is the language of the soul. It moves energy as it beats. In this workshop, you’ll give your 4th chakra a